"Because, I am the one I was seeking.
I am the one that I prayed for.
We are the same heart beating.
We are the same, we are ONE."
 -- Ika La Maya Maya Kote
by Bonnie Dean

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The Unexpected Outcome of a Life Threatening Diagnosis

Here Bonnie writes about her unique and unexpected journey of transformation as she embarked on an adventure to heal (mostly holistically) from triple positive breast cancer. Her exploration found  her fasting in the Arizona dessert, purging in the jungles and highlands of Peru, shaking at an ashram in Bali, oxygenating at a clinic in Mexico, contemplating from a hilltop shiva temple in Portugal, and finally surrendering in the foothills of the Canadian rockies. From creepy crawly critters to otherworldly encounters, Bonnie has a fascinating and inspiring story to tell.

Bonnie's Healing Journey - Video Blog

On a monthly (or at least semi-regular) basis, Bonnie records an update video that highlights the latest experiences on her healing journey. Here she shares any medical/physical challenges or shifts, her experiences with various treatments, and her general state of mind, body, and spirit.

Wisdom From Within

This fantastic journey of evolutionary awareness has offered Bonnie some profound insights about consciousness, our place in the universe, the afterlife, our connection to nature, sacred plant medicines, the healing power of frequencies, the practice of presence, and so much more.  Here she shares her perspective and ideas on these as well as other contemplative topics that will expand your mind and inspire your spirit.

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