Bonnie's Healing Journey Updates

April 2018

“I chose that very consciously and I chose that because it was my knowing…”

March 2018

“I got to connect with so many beautiful souls – sisters, brothers – and meets so many new people/make new connections…”

December 2017

“I hope it doesn’t take what I had to go through to appreciate the time that you have with those around you that you really love.”

**Big News**

“Grateful to everyone out there sending their prayers, sending their good healing vibes my way.”

October 2017

“Continuing to embrace life. Feeling amazing physically and appreciating, valuing every moment.”

January 2017

“…A bit of advice that I’m going to be following… ‘You are what you allow yourself to become.'”

November 2016

“I send you all from my heart, this peace, this love, this compassion and invite you to give that to yourself first and send a lot of that out to other people around the world.”

July 2016

“The most significant thing that you could offer for me at this point are your prayers for peace in my body and my spirit…”

May 2016

“I’m very happy. I’m very peaceful…at the end of the day, regardless of what happens…I’m very happy to be alive…”

April 2016

“…A bit of advice that I’m going to be following… ‘You are what you allow yourself to become.'”

March 2016

“I’m grateful…to be following a beautiful teacher – Mooji – …and …rather than all the suffering, focusing on the moment…”

February 2016

“Playing the guitar and singing brings me so much joy – I can’t even tell you. I feel very blessed to be able to share that with you.”


...You are so strong and have such courage to walk the natural path to healing of love and light. You are paving the way for others...


Fellow Guru

Bonnie it is so wonderful to receive this update from you. I so very much am inspired by your courage and devotion of being on the journey you're on to heal yourself naturally; you are surely just beginning on this way of empowering so many others to take their lives into their own control, with such purity and clearly in a deep space of love. Blessings sister.


Fellow Guru

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