My take: “Eating Well When You Have Cancer”

Recently, while awaiting an appointment with a radiation oncologist at the Holy Cross in Calgary, I began reading through a free booklet titled: “Eating Well When You Have Cancer” issued by the Canadian Cancer Society. My first thought with a strong tone of sarcasm was…hmm, this ought to be good!

iamtheguru Hosts Its First Event!

Several years ago now, a man residing in a small community nestled in the Sacred Valley of Peru, began recording the music that was being shared during plant medicine ceremonies.  This music consisted of icaros, mantras, traditional medicine songs from around the world, and music composed by several artists conveying […]

iamtheguru is LIVE!!

Sometime after June 2012, a feature documentary film named Kumare came out. This is the story of Vikram Gandhi, a man who impersonated a fake guru and built a following of real people.  If you haven’t already seen it – HIGHLY recommend doing so!  It is a fascinating tale that offers numerous insights about many aspects of human and social behaviour; but what perhaps was the most striking message that came from the show, was that we are all gurus and that inspiration can be found anywhere, as long as you believe.  As part of the iamtheguru community, we hope you are inspired to trust that the best guru for you, is YOU!

Bonnie Meets the One and Only Mooji Baba

It was a warm May morning in the dry Portugal countryside. Over 900 beings were gathered in satsang hall as part of a silent retreat with Sri Mooji – a disciple of Papaji and a devotee of the advaita and non-dual teaching of Raman Maharshi. As it goes in satsang, Mooji scans the rows of beings seated before him, many with hands raised hoping to get that one chance to speak with him directly. The exchange between Mooji and the man on stage was coming to a close and as he began looking out to select the next being, I raised my hand. Mooji said: “You come”. At first uncertain he was speaking to me, he confirmed with a nod and I stood up to the mic.

Bonnie Plays Good Earth Showcase

Once again, Friday rolled around and patrons slowly trickled in to the Good Earth Cafe just off of 17th Avenue SW in spite of it being the start of one of the few weekends remaining in our short Canadian summer. The ambient sounds of espresso machines blowing off steam, wooden chairs creaking across the floor, and an intermittent “check, check” coming from the speaker system leave hints about what is to follow. It is open-mic night and Bonnie is about to initiate the commencement of her and Deanne’s showcase performance.