Sometime after June 2012, a feature documentary film named Kumare came out. This is the story of Vikram Gandhi, a man who impersonated a fake guru and built a following of real people.  If you haven't already seen it - HIGHLY recommend doing so!  It is a fascinating tale that offers numerous insights about many aspects of human and social behaviour; but what perhaps was the most striking message that came from the show, was that we are all gurus and that inspiration can be found anywhere, as long as you believe.  As part of the iamtheguru community, we hope you are inspired to trust that the best guru for you, is YOU!

When it comes to your own life, who knows better than you what is best?  Who is the expert on your well-being, health, or your happiness.  Sure, we can all get side-tracked or caught up in activities and distractions that blur the clarity of our intuitive connection, making it seem challenging or impossible to know for certain what our higher self is calling us to do.  Trust me... been there!!  I've been confused and unclear about what path to follow, in fact some decisions have taken me months to sort out.  Fortunately however, this link to your inner knowing never goes away (however cloudy it seems) and with a little practice, attention, and intention, it can be as evident as that beautiful face staring back in the mirror each morning.

I hope that what is offered on this site and as part of the services provided, that your connection to your own truth strengthens.  That you are inspired to live your life fully from an empowered place.  And, that you LOVE what you see and share it with others in your life.  Thanks so much for being part of this with me.

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