Our Mission

Like a spark that sets ablaze a forest starved of rain…

After being diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in the spring of 2011, Bonnie poured herself into researching and learning all that she could about both allopathic and wholistic approaches to healing cancer in an effort to find those that logically made sense – in other words, that had a proven track record, that caused the least damage to an otherwise healthy body, and that were within her financial means.

What she discovered was that (1) most medical studies had to be taken with a grain of salt given their heavy funding by pharmaceutical organizations and (2) there was very little empirical evidence supporting holistic treatments — anecdotal, yes, but lacking the scientific control parameters that typically would support the credibility of the approach. It seemed to be a catch-22.

In the end, what Bonnie realized is that she would have to be guided by two things going forward. First, question everything. Don’t assume that the doctor, the naturopath, the so called “expert”, or even family members know best. There is a lot of misleading information out there so thorough research is critical. And second, get quiet. The opinions of others are just that – opinions. Not one other person on this planet knows the body, mind, or soul of another — turn within to find the answers.

Whether one chooses a standard medical approach, a holistic approach, or a combination of the two, what matters is choosing not from a place of fear, but rather from a place of love. Each one of us can tap into the guidance that comes from our higher self, Great Spirit, or whatever resonates in terms of a label for the intuition we all receive.

IAMTHEGURU is here to inspire beings everywhere

to be EMPOWERED on their journey

to TRUST their inner knowing 

and to HONOUR their Guru within.