Wellness Coaching

Coaching is a client-centred process that empowers the client to achieve self-determined goals related to any area of life where they would like to experience sustainable changes. Because of Bonnie’s experience with cancer, she knows all too well how lonely and isolating a journey of healing can be, especially when you choose an approach that is not generally supported by the healthcare system or population as a whole. She also appreciates how overwhelming it can seem getting started, sifting through all the information that is available, and choosing an approach that offers the greatest chance of success.

Whether the focus is on detoxification, building or restoring the body, releasing emotions, dissolving or shifting mental patterns that lead to unsupportive behaviours, or connecting with your higher self, Bonnie can offer guidance and resources that will accelerate your wellness objective.

Bonnie’s expertise gained during her 20+ years in human resources and leadership development coaching, coupled with a personal cancer journey that resulted in hundreds of hours researching integrative approaches to healing, make her a necessary partner on your cancer or wellness journey.  She has tried all kinds of unorthodox methods for her own healing and incidentally holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.