Our workshops are designed to support you on your path of personal exploration and expansion.  With Bonnie as the facilitator and given her journey with cancer, she has much wisdom and many practices to share on the following topics:

  • Embracing Your Guru Within
  • Thriving with Cancer
  • Consciousness Expanded:  The Role of Sacred Plant Medicines

She will share what her own journey has offered — lessons learned and powerful insights — that will inspire, inform, and empower you with the information you need for your own adventure!


Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime full of adventure, connection, and expansion?  Let Bonnie, in conjunction with gifted facilitators and space holders, take you on a journey of personal empowerment, inspiration, and exploration of consciousness.  These small group excursions offer a genuine opportunity to connect more deeply with the self, with one another, with local communities, and with the earth.

Retreats will be held in Canada and Peru.  Bonnie has lived in western Canada her entire life aside from two year-long trips around the world and an extended stay in Peru for the majority of two years.  While in Peru, Bonnie experienced a deep connection, appreciation, and understanding about working with sacred plant medicines and developed many connections with trustworthy, credible, and gifted circle facilitators and energy workers.

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We look forward to having you along for one of our upcoming adventures!

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