Last Friday evening turned out to be another milestone in my musical medicine work.  It was my first solo showcase performance at the Good Earth Coffeehouse on 11th Ave and 15th St SW.  Each Friday night they have an open mic followed by an allotted time for a local performer to share his or her talents.  I had done the showcase back in the autumn with a friend but this time around, it was JUST ME!

One of the things about performing solo is that there is no one else playing along generously masking any missed fingering on the guitar or blunders in an attempt to reach a note just slightly out of the normal vocal range.  It is a position of true vulnerability and exposure, especially when sharing one’s own musical creations.  Of course, it helps tremendously to have a sweet group of friends show up, offering their love and support, which happened to be the case for me this time around.

It truly is a blessing to offer pieces that carry such powerful messages of truth, empowerment, connection, and love.  Prior to singing one song in particular (“Invisible Indivisible”),  I shared a story about one verse that always makes me think of an experience a few years ago.  It was during a ceremony at Mount Shasta in California and the medicine was revealing these  iridescent geometric patters and colours.  It unequivocably was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  There was a point where a message came that said:  “This is you. You are witnessing your own beauty.”  It was such an intense recognition that I had an urge to turn away – I almost couldn’t take the thought of seeing myself in this way.  So often in the past, I failed to recognize myself as a pure and divine creation with infinite beauty and magnificence.  Perhaps this is something so many others have denied seeing in themselves as well.  This is why, the line in this song that says: “Our first kiss. Our souls meet. This healing in a blinding flash. I fall from the sky, looking at your beauty” reminds me of this moment where deep transformation happened of the belief that I am anything other than this pure and radiant light!!

Below is a recording highlighting the songs that were shared during the performance.  Enjoy and may you always recognize YOUR own light!!