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You may have heard the saying: “Everyone has a story to share”. This is the human condition that unites us as one family — in this earthly experience, there is no escaping suffering in some form. One thing guaranteed is that you are going to face challenges to one degree or another.

When you hear, for instance, of someone losing a child or of another experiencing first degree burns all over their body, your empathic nature most likely ignites and a connection is created where you can appreciate what they may be feeling — their pain, their grief, their sadness. But, in these stories, especially when one rises to the challenge despite all odds; when one listens to their inner truth and creates a reality for themselves that is full of joy, peace, forgiveness, surrender and a greater awareness of their own Divinity, it offers a sense of hope and trust that you as well have the courage and capacity to move through even the most difficult situations.

These stories of transformation invite you to no longer suffer your experiences but rather use them as catalysts to expand your awareness, compassion, and spiritual evolution. May these stories support you on your path to Embracing Your Guru Within.


Malcolm Saunders

In this interview, we hear Malcolm’s very unique story of transformation from being a young man who studied music, lived in ashrams, travelled with nothing but a backpack, and who avoided getting a J-O-B at all costs to being a star performing business owner in the Calgary entrepreneurial scene, leading a team of more than 25 staff.  From resisting the system, to working consciously and sustainably within it, Malcolm shares about his humble beginnings to the evolution of the Light Cellar.



Carolina Dowell

In this interview, special guest Carolina Dowell shares her story of physical healing and a calling to dive deep into the world of sacred plant medicine. In her mid-twenties, Carolina stopped menstruating for no apparent reason and was suffering from several health problems. Several years and  thousands of dollars later, she gained insight into the source of her ailments. Her fascinating journey took her deep into the jungles of Peru and eventually the Sacred Valley. Carolina offers an experiential perspective of what it means to surrender, to trust in one’s own intuition, and to connect with her womb wisdom.


Angela Blueskies

Working as a classical flutist - bored and feeling creatively stagnated - Angela Blueskies gave up a stable music job to follow her heart's call. She shares about her spontaneous spiritual awakening, how walking the Camino de Santiago taught her how to be grounded, to have boundaries, and how to have a loving relationship with her self; and how working with Ayahuasca allowed her to feel music from her heart rather than her head. She got clarity on her life's purpose and tells us about her current work in sound medicine journeys and ancestral healing work.


Dennis Couwenberg

Following a heart-breaking end to a long-term relationship, Dennis shares about how he began questioning the meaning of existence. In his exploration, he experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening that opened his mind and heart to a whole new world of psychic phenomena, community connection, and living life with integrity. He shares what practices support his process and how he is supporting others on their spiritual quests.


Rachel Lewis

Rachel shares her triumph over debilitating lyme disease and all of its complications by following her heart to take on a uniquely holistic approach to bringing her body and spirit back into abundant health and balance. In this episode, Rachel speaks about her struggle with mental health, the catalyst that inspired her to try a different approach, her connection with plant medicine, and the reframing of her beliefs about her capacity to heal.


Fernando "Fer Pal"

Fernando shares how he gave up a glamorous life living in Asia and working in international trade to pursue an experience of deeper connection to himself and to nature. He currently lives among the Peruvian mountains in the Sacred Valley.  Fernando speaks about how he came to trust himself and listen to his heart; how he found his passion to be in service; how he deals with naysayers or critical people; and how he follows his true guide -- nature.

Denise Cooper

Denise shares how her sister Julie's suicide served as a catalyst to a deeper connection to Spirit, to fully embracing her intuitive gifts, and to following her inner knowing. She offers insight into her life in Peru; how yoga, plant medicine, meditation, and music have supported her path; and Denise tells us about a new program she is offering that invites other women to connect with their medicine woman within.


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