I wonder if a sore butt comes with the territory when one travels?  This is something that should be fairly familiar to me after all my time spent in airports, which is where mine was parked on October 21st, awaiting a flight from Winnipeg to Toronto then onto Lima, Peru.  This was followed by a couple hour layover before a third flight to Cusco and a 45 minute taxi ride to the beautiful village of Pisac.  Despite the fact that I was sitting and had been for a while, on the inside my spirit was actually doing a little dance in anticipation of my return for the fourth visit to this magical place.  

When I landed in Cusco, it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by Dennis who was accompanied by Dino, the driver, and Claudius, the guy who will be filming the documentary about the Centre.  Although I love the Sacred Valley and scenery on the way to Pisac, I was distracted this day getting to know Dennis a bit better.  We did make one pitstop to oversee the valley from the top of a hill.  The view was stunning and emotional. We stopped a second time for a view over Pisac where Dennis pointed out the Center.  The majestic structure (tipi) was a welcome site for my long awaited arrival back in this amazing village.  

Upon arrival I met Barbara who is the chef/kitchen manager, James who will support me in a number of ways, and the two Peruvian ladies who help Barbara in the kitchen.  Dennis and I spent some time together sharing about our ayahuasca experiences and some things to expect during my time here.  This house has such amazing energy.  The walls and corners  are adorned with pictures of far off places, paintings of magical goddesses, and statues of buddhas. The furnishings, beautifully woven pieces made from bamboo, I believe, covered in creamy white linen match the curtains, simple white cloth pieces pulled to each side, inviting me to gaze out their windows upon the valley and mountains that swaddle us in this Pisac community.  It was a peaceful place with so many spaces to find a silent spot for quiet reflection or to snuggle up with a favourite book.  There was a teepee erected beside the house that is available for ceremonies, sessions, or to just relax, play music, etc.  Such a majestic structure and a beautiful addition to the complex.

I started with all of my protocols which included firstly, aloe arborsecense, which was administered 3 times each day.  Although I had started taking this at home sourced from a distributor in the US, the fresh medicine is completely different.  It is very bitter even despite the fact that it is combined with honey.  Why is it that such powerful healing medicine has to taste so awlful?  It occurs to me that Mother Nature created it as such to test our commitment to healing... to reap the rewards, one much prove their discipline and strength!  In Father Romano Zaggo's book "Cancer Can Be Cured" he sites that aloe arborescence is 200% richer in medicinal substances than aloe vera and contains more than 70% of anti-carcinogen properties compared to aloe vera at 40%.  Based on the experience of wanting to scrape my mouth out with a scouring pad to rid myself of the taste after drinking it, my hunch would be that the taste of aloe arborescence is about 200% more bitter as well!

Secondly, a herbal medicine known for its cancer healing properties also started this day with a rice sized dose to be taken 3 times each day.  I began with one drop each serving the next day it would increase to 2 drops each serving and was doubled each day until 1 gram is consumed in total daily.  The effects are quite powerful even with a small dose -- it was a challenge to concentrate, I felt less inclined to engage in conversation, I had the desire to lie down most of the time, and as the medicine increased, there were times when it even took a great deal of energy just to eat a meal.  

Thirdly, MMS was added to my juices.  This is a tonic used to kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus in the body which tend to collect around cancer sites.  By killing these substances, it frees up resources to work at alternately getting rid of the cancer cells.  It is very potent and the difference of one drop can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches so it is quite temperamental in its administration.  

I also started this week on a cleanse or juice fast which lasted 5 days ending with an epsom salt and olive oil/lemon juice liver flush.  I anticipated this flush to be a horrible experience based on stories I'd read from others that had done it.  Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, in fact, my body really had no response to it at all other than more diarrhea.  The Gerson diet was also introduced and was my protocol for the duration of my time at Sananda, which meant I had several fresh made juices every day supplemented by three meals that included usually oatmeal with fruit for breakfast; salad, vegetables, and fruit for lunch; and, soup, salad, and/or smoothie for supper.  There was no salt, sugar, meat, dairy, oils, and limited grains (quinnoi once per week) so the food is extremely bland.

My routine also included colon hydrotherapy -- 5 sessions (1 each day) followed by a two day break with no colonic scheduled.  I had had several colonics before but never so many for such a long duration of time.  My first time with the open colonic system seemed somewhat daunting initially, since any colonics I'd had to this point had always been administered by a hydrotherapist, but Dennis and Barbara were very gentle in delivering instructions and offering support.  Once I got the hang of it, it was quite easy to manage. Since then, I took them by myself and found the time to be peaceful and generally relaxing when not having to deal with cramping or nausea.

My second night in the house, Dennis organized a meeting for those who would be involved in my program.  The rain fell softly outside as we gathered in the house next to the fire.  Music opened our ceremony filling the air with the soothing sounds of gentle strums of the guitars and the rhythmic beat of the jambey drum. Voices eventually joined in what seemed to be a perfect harmonization, so much so that at times distinguishing between the instruments and voices proved challenging.  Dennis shared about the roles of everyone on the team and offered a little more detail on the months to come.  They all seemed very welcoming and eager to be working together.  Surrounded by such open hearts so freely offering their love and energy, l felt truly blessed and confident that I was in the best of hands.

The first week here additionally brought with it my first Ayahuasca ceremony.  Dennis and I spoke about it at length because I had been feeling some apprehension since taking it last in the jungle.  As it turns out, because my body was still adjusting to the other medicine, I ended up sleeping through most of the ceremony and don't have much memory of it at all.  Not likely what many would say about their experiences with Ayahuasca!!

"The answers ultimately always come from within."
-- Bonnie Dean

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