“Cancer was one of my life’s greatest blessings – it taught me to love myself again.” 

— Bonnie Dean

The Lotus and the Hummingbird

Resting...that is what the second week at Sananda-Wasi was about! The one herbal medicine I took was genius in its design really because it created a state where..

The Journey of Rejuvenation Begins

I wonder if a sore butt comes with the territory when you travel?  This is something that should be fairly familiar...

Witchy Wisdom and Huachuma Waves

Still reeling from the experience in the jungle, with all senses on overdrive, the serenity of the Sacred Valley was a refreshing contrast...

Jungle Life and the Call of the Sacred Valley

There is a phrase very commonly uttered in the English language that goes: “Hindsight is 20/20”. This phrase acknowledges that an apparent wisdom...

A Destination Called Pisac

The first time I ever heard about Ayahuasca was in the front seat of a well-used mini-van meandering along a narrow gravel road...

Fellow Guru Guidance

"So beautiful the way you described your journey in Pisac! Very deep and amazing exploration! So grateful for it! Gracias! Story teller!"
Ceasar Balestrini

Ceasar Balestrini

Fellow Guru

"This is a placeholder for how you received the blog and any inspiration that followed. Thank you for reading and sharing your personal insights."
Bonnie Dean

Bonnie Dean

Founder, iamtheguru

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