Follow Your Truth

"Enlightenment is realizing our own identity as the One and the All.  That there is only One.  Whatever you want to name that One.  There is only Spirit...there is only the Divine." -- Adyashanti

Wisdom From Within

This fantastic journey of evolutionary awareness has offered Bonnie some profound insights about consciousness, our place in the universe, the afterlife, our connection to nature, sacred plant medicines, the healing power of frequencies, the practice of presence, and so much more.  Here she shares her perspective and ideas on these as well as other contemplative topics that will expand your mind and inspire your spirit.

The Best Mantra is: Thank You

Mooji, one of my dearest wisdom carriers, tells a story of a King who gains a very powerful insight out of a series of seemingly unfortunate events. The King has a trusted Counsellor who accompanies him mostly everywhere, however, one morning the King sustains a terrible injury to his elbow. […]

“Journey to the Mictlan”

“Día de Muertos" or “Day of the Dead” is a Mexican multi-day holiday where families and friends gather to pray for and remember those who have died with the intention to help the dead in support of their spiritual journey. As part of an event organized for this day, I […]

"...When we lose the eyes of the ego, you see with the eyes of God.  While identity persists in us we see and experience the world shaped by our projections alone. When ego falls away, only then we see the world as it truly is...the miracle of God...the miracle of existence."

-- Mooji

To what degree have you learned to love?

"We came here to learn. We came here to learn joy, which can only be learned from knowing sorrow. We are not here to prove anything to God or to earn his love or to do things to make ourselves righteous in his eyes...We chose to come here to know what we really are." -- Jessica Haynes, Near Death Experiencer

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